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How long should my ribbon be on my bouquet?

How long should my ribbon be on my bouquet?

The length of silk ribbon you choose for your wedding bouquet varies based on the look and size of your flowers as well as the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. 

A popular choice is taking the length of the bouquet and using about 2 times that length of silk ribbon. This creates a beautiful delicate drape, without the florals being overwhelmed by the ribbons.

Lush blooms by @floraandforest_ captured by @oliviamelhopweddings

If you’re after a statement piece, a long ribbon or combination of silk ribbons that extend well past 3 times the bouquet length is a great way to give your flowers a more dramatic cascading look. We suggest buying extra ribbon so you can experiment with different styles.

Flowers: @thevasequeenstown  / Photography: @dawnthomsonphoto ✨
Styling: @underthewildstars ⁠/ Ribbons: @feathersandstone ⁠


If you plan on carrying the bouquet, or if someone else is going to hold it, the practicality of the ribbon length is also important to consider.

We recommend the overall tone of the bouquet should be complemented by the length of the ribbon. For example, a billowing floral arrangement would look great with longer trailing ribbons, while a smaller bouquet would suit shorter pieces to maintain a more structured aesthetic. 

Bouquet by @flourand_bloom / Photo by @bycaitlanweddings

Whatever you decide to go with, adding silk ribbons to your bouquet will truly elevate your floral arrangement. 


Here are some more examples from florists who use our silk ribbons. 


Small wedding bouquet with apricot silk ribbons by Feathers and StoneRibbons by  @flourand_bloom / Photo by @annepaar 

Daisy summer bouquet paired with feathers and stone silk ribbonRibbons by @asterandbloom

Bouquet by @chloelefleur

Spring blooms by @flourand_bloom 💕 Photo by @_nita_photography_

Photo: @photographybyjudynunez / Florals: @thegoodflowerstudio

Bouquet by @wallflowerbotanics_nz


Photo: @photographybyjudynunez / Florals: @thegoodflowerstudio







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