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1. Do you have a physical store for us to see the products?
Gosh that would be so nice! Imagine a little boutique with all our goodies! But unfortunately we don't :( We are an online store only working from home. We have a part-timer based in Auckland New Zealand who packs our orders and this is where they're dispatched from. 

2. How fast can you ship?
Please refer to our shipping page for shipping details to your country.

3. Do you offer refunds and/or exchanges?
Please refer to our details page. 

1. What length of ribbon is suitable for one bouquet?
The length of ribbon depends on how long you want your ribbon trailing. For small bouquets, we recommend 1 metre (1.09yards). For bigger bouquets, we suggest going with 1 - 3 metres (1.09yards - 3.2yards) depending on how many times you want the ribbon to wrap around the stems and how long you'd want it trailing, and also if you want a bow at the top. 

2. Can you put your ribbons through a washing machine.
Our ribbons are washable and re-usable however they will continue to fray after much handling and multiple use - which is as equally gorgeous! We recommend cold wash by hand or machine (if through a machine it will fray more) and hung to dry and/or iron if you prefer this look. The colour will also fade slightly over time. 
Ribbons should be stored in a shaded area as direct sunlight will increase the speed at which the colour fades.

3. Do you do custom orders?
We do occasionally, depending on the job and how busy we are. Please email us with your request and hopefully we can help. Please note, depending on the job there will be a custom order charge. 


1. Do you make your own paper?
We did for many years - that's how we started. A small family business working from our garage making our own paper in New Zealand as well as Bali - which was our second home for a while. However this has changed since the devastating loss of my mum who managed the paper making in NZ. Since mum passed in 2020, we've been working extremely hard with paper mills in India and Bali to produce the same product and since 2023, we have finally found the right team. 

2. Is your paper suitable for printing on?

Yes, all of our stock is suitable for printing as long as you have an INKJET printer (not laser), and it accepts the paper weight you are looking to purchase. Most printers accept up to 250gsm (which is fine for most of our stock). We do offer digital printing services though so please email us for a quote. Printing prices vary depending on the job.

3. Do you know of any commercial printers who accept your paper?
No, unfortunately we don't. We find that most commercial printing companies don't accept paper they haven't sourced, which is why we offer printing services ourselves. If you find one do let us know :)

4. Is your paper suitable for letterpress?
Our paper stock varies in weight from 100gsm to 250gsm. 250gsm is better for letterpress however we've had our 150gsm paper also used for letterpress. We wouldn't recommend anything lower than 150gsm so please check the weight of the paper you're purchasing which we always state in our product descriptions. Always purchase an extra 10 pieces for imperfections or wastage.

5. Is your paper suitable for Calligraphy?
Most of our paper are, however sometimes we have batches which are more fibrous and textured which we wouldn't recommend for calligraphy as there will be a bit of bleeding. You will find these details in our product description so please read before purchasing.

6. Do you offer wholesale rates?
We offer wholesale on ribbons and a trade discount on stationery. Please message us here for more info.

7. Do you do wedding invitation design?
We don't, however we are working on a 'vendors we recommend' page where you will find stationers, calligraphers, florists, stylists and photographers who have used our products. But please email us in the meantime if you need recommendations. 

When providing design files for printing, please sure your document is set up to the dimensions below and saved in PDF:

Deckle Edge Cotton Rag Paper
A6: 4.1 inches x 5.8 inches (approx 105mm x 148mm) 
5x7: 5 inches x 7 inches (approx 127mm x 178mm)  
A5: 5.8 inches x 8.2 inches ( approx 148mm x 210mm) 
A4: 8.3 x 11.7 inches (approx 210mm x 297 mm)
A3: 11.7 x 16.5 inches (approx 29mm7 x 420 mm)
DL: 8.6 inches x 4.2 inches (approx 22cm x 10.7cm)

Recycled Paper
A6: 4.1 inch x 5.8 inch (approx 105mm x 148mm) 
A5: 5.8 inch x 8.2 inch (approx 148mm x 210mm) 
5x7: 5 inch x 7 inch (approx 127mm x 178mm) 

C6: 114x162mm (4.5x6.4”)
C5: 162x229mm (6.4x9”)
5.5x7.5: 140x190mm