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Handmade cotton rag wedding invitation with matching envelope wrapped in silk ribbon

Paper & Envelope Size Guide

One of the most common questions we get is, 'what are the standard sizes for wedding invites, save the dates, details, menus, rsvps?' etc. Also questions such as, ‘which is bigger, A5 or A6?’ and are these sizes ‘standard paper sizes? We’ll answer these questions and more below in our paper and envelope size guide, including a paper sizes chart in cm and inches.

When planning your perfect event, choosing the right paper and envelope sizes can be a little confusing so we hope this guide will help you achieve the look you’re after. We offer a range of the most popular sizes in both our cotton rag and recycled handmade paper.

Our handmade paper collection is suitable for inkjet printing, heavier weights for letterpress and also calligraphy work by a professional who can prepare the paper ready for ink. We also have artists use our paper for their acrylic and watercolour art. 

Most of our paper is in the standard ISO 'A' paper size, we also have the most popular US paper sizes. The measurements below can vary slightly, which is part of the beauty and uniqueness of our paper being made by hand. 

Our paper size guide is in cm and inches to help you select the best options for your fine art eco-friendly wedding stationery.

Handmade paper and envelope size chart

Paper Sizes:

A8 (Place cards) Paper Size: 5.2 x 7.4cm ("2 x 2.9”)
- Commonly used for: Place Cards also known as Name cards, Name tags, escort cards. 

 A6 Paper Size: 10.5 x 14.8cm (4.1" x 5.8")
- Commonly used for: Save the Dates, Invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you notes. Half the size of an A5.
- Fits our C6 envelopes.

4 Bar Paper Size: 8.2 x 12cm (3.25" x 4.75")
- Commonly used for: RSVP cards, notes and thank you cards. 
- Fits our 4 Bar envelopes.

5x7 (US A7) Paper Size: 12.7 x 17.8cm (5” x 7”)
- Commonly used for: the main invitation card, save the date, reception card and wedding announcements. 
- Fits our 5.5x7.5 envelopes.

DL Paper Size: 10 x 21cm (3.9" x 8.3")
- Commonly used for: Menus - approximately a third the size of an A4 paper.

A5 Paper Size: 14.8 x 21cm (5.8" x 8.3")
- Commonly used for: Wedding Invitations, Menus, Thank you cards, Save the Dates, Vow booklets, Program and Details card. The A5 size is exactly double the size of an A6.
- Fits our C5 envelopes.

A4 Paper Size: 21 x 29.7cm (8.3" x 11.7")
- Commonly used for: Wedding Invitations, Menus and Vow books (folded), This size is also popular with artists. The size of 2 A5's.

A3 Paper Size: 29.7 x 42cm (11.7" x 16.5")
- Also a popular size with artists for watercolor and painting. Twice the size of A4.

5x7", A6 and A8 paper

Envelope Sizes:

C6 Envelope Size: 11.4 x 16.2cm (4.5" x 6.4")
 - Fits our A6 paper or an A5 folded in half.

C5 Envelope Size: 16.2 x 22.8cm (6.4" x 9”)
- Fits our A5 paper.

5x7 (US A7) Envelope Size: 14 x 19cm (5.5" x 7.5") 
- Fits our 5x7 paper.

4 Bar Envelope Size: 9.4 x 13.5cm (3.7" x 5.3")
- Fits our 4 Bar paper.

Invitation Suites: 

When designing an invitation suite, ensure all components (invitations, RSVP cards, details cards) fit together. Typically, the main invitation is the largest piece, with other cards sized accordingly to fit within the same handmade envelopes.

5x7" invitation with A6 details card


Aesthetic and Functionality:

Choose sizes that complement your design and fit the amount of information you need to convey. Minimalist designs may work well on smaller cards, while detailed invitations might require larger formats.


5x7" and A6 cotton rag paper wedding save the date and invitation

The ISO 'A' paper size is based on each size being half the previous one when folded parallel to the shorter lengths. This allows for various uses, such as the enlarging and reducing of images without any cutoff or margins, or folding to make a booklet of the next size down.

For more details and assistance, please visit our contact page.

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