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DIY Wedding Decor - Feathers and Stone

DIY Wedding Decor

Planning your special day on a budget? We understand that weddings can be costly but they don't have to be! Here are a few of our favourite DIY and homemade wedding decor inspirations below.

Whether you are after that rustic, boho feel or simply looking for decor that will fit your budget - these beautiful, artistic installations are the perfect personal touch to create a memorable and authentic wedding.


Here is an easy way to spruce up a simple bouquet! Gather your florals and place them in a mason jar, then wrap the jars in hemp twine to add a rustic touch.

Supplies: mason jars, hemp twine and florals
Source via Pinterest
Source via Old Time Pottery

Looking to get creative with your lighting fixtures? These LED light jars make the perfect centre pieces or can be used to light up the aisles.

Supplies: mason jars and LED light strings (battery operated)

Source via Ever After Guide
Another option we love - instead of using lights, fill your mason jars with water and add floating candles to finish it off.

Supplies: Mason jar, water and candles (go that extra mile and tie straw or hemp twine around the top for a more boho look)

Source via Pinterest
Showcase your love by creating beautiful floral frames with an array of photos (we love Polaroids) displaying memories you've shared together. 

Supplies: Wood frame, Polaroid camera, florals and ribbons (check our handmade silk ribbons here)
Source via Frieda Theres
 Source via Pinterest

Bring your wedding to life with this bohemian inspired wall decor, using dried roses (or other flowers of your choice) and driftwood to hang from.

 Supplies: driftwood, florals and string

Source via Just Imagine
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