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The different types of silk ribbons available at Feathers and Stone - Feathers and Stone

The different types of silk ribbons available at Feathers and Stone

We thought we'd give you a quick run down on the different types of silk ribbons we have since we now have four kinds available and there are plans to stock more!

Lets start with our
HABOTAI silk. Our most popular, especially for wrapping around bouquets or incorporating into floral installations, gift wrapping, decor (think cakes or favours), and for a really luxurious finish to stationery. It has a subtle sheen, is lightweight and as with all our ribbons, drapes beautifully!



TUSSAR. Currently we only have two colours (Beige andAsh) available in our Tussar silk but there'll be plenty more to come!

It has a gorgeous texture, is lightweight with a matt finish and has more stiffness and body than our Habotai or Tabby silk.  The perfect embellishment to paper goods, great for styling projects, flat lays as well as bouquets and floral installations. 


TABBY Silk which we're going to start calling our SHEER silk, because that's how we see and differentiate it, is extremely soft, delicate and is our lightest silk. Possibly our fav for adorning stationery but also the perfect companion to either the Habotai or Tussar for a bit of texture play.  


Georgette silk ribbon has a gorgeous subtle texture and softer than our Habotai. Only available in Dusty Blue and Rose, and we probably won't be restocking this for a while, so this is the last of it for the time being!


We hope you found that helpful! The best way to experience our silks and the different shades on offer is to grab our 'assorted styling bundle' which is really great value - each piece is long enough so that you can use it for photoshoots or to style stationery and flat-lays at real weddings (if there aren't already silk ribbons).  

There's also our sample pack if you're just wanting to see colours and textures. 

Have a great day and talk soon. 

xx Sony and Soya



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